PhantomBot is an actively developed open source interactive Twitch bot with a vibrant community that provides entertainment and moderation for your channel, allowing you to focus on what matters the most to you - your game and your viewers.

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Exceptional Features Having PhantomBot in your chat gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to chat moderation, games and much more for your stream.

SQLite3 and MySQL Support

Your data is safe and easy to manage in PhantomBot. The default embedded database, SQLite3, takes care of everything behind the scenes in an on-disk database which is easily managed with SQLiteManager. If you have MySQL experience, PhantomBot plugs right in and you can manage the database using your favorite tools.

Highly Customizable

Want a bot that moderates like a dictator, or that is as kind as a babysitter? PhantomBot has you covered. Want to change up the responses? Fully customizable language settings takes care of that. Tired of the same old bank heists? How about a completely configurable adventure system? You name it, you can customize it.

Keeps Chat Going

With a wide variety of games, gambling options, raffles, and other distractions, PhantomBot will keep your chat entertained during those times when you have your head down in a game and need a few moments to power through a few things.

Open Source

PhantomBot is an Open Source project. What does this mean? It means the source code is there for you to tinker with. To modify. To enhance. To give back to the community. If you want something slightly different for your Twitch channel, you can make it happen. If you want a custom command that does something that no one has ever seen before, you can add it. Your only limit is your imagination, and a little bit of Java and JavaScript knowledge.

Nightly Builds and Steady Releases

PhantomBot is constantly under development. You can stay on the bleeding edge of PhantomBot and use the Nightly Build, full of new features that the developers are cranking out for the community. You can also take advantage of our steady release schedule, stable releases come out on a fairly consistent basis and ensure that PhantomBot doesn't grow stale.

Alerts and Announcements

Reward your viewers from Streamlabs and StreamTip! Create custom alerts and announcements! Use our customizable alerts with images and audio clips to keep things exciting! Let your Twitch subscribers be praised, and your followers noticed! Studies have shown that users love a little praise.

Check our great Control Panel Take total control of PhantomBot from on the web.

Not a fan of a text based console interface? Fire up the Control Panel and have all the power of PhantomBot within a click of your mouse. But it doesn't just control PhantomBot, it provides an audio interface for your chat to send sounds to your stream. Want to have a spooky sound that your viewers can trigger? We have you covered. Or a cheer for that moment of triumph? Yup, we got that too. You can add your own sounds as well. And for those nights that you feel like getting your groove on? Fire up the YouTube Player and enable song requests.

* Tested in IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Integrations Having a Twitch bot is not enough. Having a Twitch bot plugged into the rest of the world is.

With a wide variety of different integrations, PhantomBot brings together data and information from various services and ties it all together nicely in your chat.


PhantomBot provides access to both query and post Tweets to Twitter. Our rich configuration allows you to decide what types of Tweets to pull down, be it everything that everyone posts to your wall or just the Tweets that you post. Want to see retweets? We have you covered there. Want to post directly from PhantomBot? No problem. Want PhantomBot to let your Twitter followers know when you are live? Change games? Got that covered too.


PhantomBot integrates with Discord to allow to interact with your viewers outside your stream. PhantomBot can also posts online/offline alerts, new clip alerts, and more!


PhantomBot ties into Streamlabs to allow you to recognize those awesome people that generously send you tips as well as those that help you meet donations goals for your favorite charities. PhantomBot keeps track of these donations as well in your local database, so you can always see who has helped you out without having to launch a remote control panel.


PhantomBot also provides support for StreamElements. Just like we do with Streamlabs, you may recognize those fine people that send you a generous tip and keep track of those tips locally so that you have all of your tip data in one place.


What's that? You use TipeeeStream? You want to reward a viewer for their generosity? Who wouldn't! Sometimes a splash on the screen is missed by users that are lurking and eating some hot wings at the same time, but chat lasts forever. Well, not forever, but a lot longer. You can also give them a few currency points in your chat for games, song requests, giveaways, raffles, or whatever else you are using your currency for.

YouTube Player and Song Lookup

PhantomBot provides YouTube integration through the PhantomBot YouTube Player. With a rich set of commands that allow you to moderate songs in chat, as well as place limits on users, based upon their subscription status, you can keep the party going with song requests. You may also import a list of songs that you crank out into a text file. The player itself gives you complete control over what is being played and lets you steal songs with the click of a button. Also included, a webpage that anyone can access to see what songs are coming up next.

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Meet Our Team The best way to get support is to search and ask on our forum, or ask one of our developers!


Zackery M. (Zelakto)

Project Manager & Developer

Develops the website, keeps things running smoothly, and ensures that the releases go out in time.


Branden B. (ScaniaTV)

Lead Developer

Develops all the latest features in the Core and JavaScript modules.


Alex (PhantomCombo)


A FGC Player and unnaturally eccentric. He's also the creator of the first revision of PhantomBot.




Leaps over APIs with a single keystroke, here to help with questions as well as develop the Core and JavaScript modules.


QA Tester

Khryz (she/her) makes sure PhantomBot is fully functioning and stable before every release.